fireball, day 3

It’s almost embarrassing, really, to continue to start our day at the beach. When many of our peeps are wondering if their house is still standing while staying with friends (or geez, at a shelter), we’re sipping our coffee while spending hours watching our pups frolic.

On our way to the “B” (this is what we say when we don’t want TempTide to know what we’re saying) this morning, we drove up the hill to see what SD Harbor looked like. Wind from the fire SE of the city gave us this interesting sunrise. At one time you’d be able to see the skyline of San Diego. This morning… not so much.

[Left-center is downtown. On a regular day, you can see the skyline.]

[Just on the other side of the hill is serene OB/Dog Beach. A slight hint of smoke offshore.]

[The Motley Crew spends its morning discussing those who have it so much worse than us.]

[Good ol’ Saatchi. She had a visit set up with the vet today. She could care less about the fires. She’s a strong bird, but she has tumors in her snout. Sneezing blood clots. We wish her the best. We tried to get a shot of her snarling (her best side), but it wasn’t going to happen today.]

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