dogs take 2nd billing this morning

Man oh man, the buzz was all over the beach when I arrived at 7:15 or so. A ton of pot (yes, marijuana, and lots of it) was all in the water and on the sand at Dog Beach this morning.  Now, let’s just say plenty of folk
s made sure there is much less of it around now then there was then.
Here’s the news report that said cops were called around 8:15. I left around 8:10, so I missed that part of it.
My guess is that someone dumped it from the bridge coming in to OB overnight or something. Either way, some dog lovers got an unexpected treat this morning at their morning ritual.
[Mike proudly displays is “catch of the day.” Even though he has a legal medicinal license, I hid his face. OB police are fairly cool and laid back, but I see no reason to encourage harassment.]

[A couple of water buds.]

[Leaves and stems in the sand.]

[Riptide wanted in on the action, too.]
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1 Response to dogs take 2nd billing this morning

  1. bichonpawz says:

    Riptide would have been a MUCH happier puppy had he gotten some of that action!!! What a weird thing? Has it happened before?? Guess some people were happy about it! 🙂

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