standing up to cancer

We recently took part in a project produced by Tara at the When Tara Met Blog blog. It’s a video of bloggers showing signs of why they are standing up to cancer. I chose my client’s 7-year old son, Max, who is is battling relapsed neuroblastoma. No 7-year old should even know what cancer is, let alone suffer from it.

The video is out there now. Here is the pic I submitted (it shows up in the video around 2:05). You can tell how much control I had over Tempest and Riptide for the shot! 🙂

And here is the wonderfully produced video. The song was donated (by a woman who wrote it for her sister), as well, and it’s lovely.

If you’d like to get involved with this project, you can submit a photo to su2cancer at gmail dot com or check out the Virtual Stand-Up and pass the word. Oh, and of course do not forget on Sept. 5th to watch the Stand Up To Cancer telecast airing on NBC, ABC and CBS!

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