weekend warriors

It was a quick, camera-less trip to the beach this morning, as we had the MagicWater 5-Mile Walk to Cure Childhood Cancer at 8 AM. Our thoughts are with the Mikulaks, who lost Max a week ago today.

Some shots from yesterday…

[Jimmy the bulldog wait for Dr. Jerry to throw the Frisbee. TempTide waits to chase after him.]

[Riptide and Jimmy take a break from tug-o-war. This is the 1st dog I’ve seen intimidate Riptide. He wanted to play tug, but Riptide would hold the disc for a couple of seconds, and then step back and bark. Jimmy had him so nervous, it was hilarious!]

[We weren’t the only ones enjoying the show. We ran in to photographer Seth Casteel who was capturing all the fun, too. Check out his work. He does some amazing work with the LA Animal Shelter.]

I’ll be in SF for the next three days, so I’ll be back posting on Thursday.
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1 Response to weekend warriors

  1. bermudabluez says:

    I’ve been trying for days to comment!!! Finally got the new hard drive installed on the new Dell tonight…..OHHHHHHH…..I hope this time it works!! Terrific shots, Jen!

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