more picnik fun

Since there was nothing exciting going on this morning, like a visiting pig, I didn’t catch too many shots today. So, I decided to have a little Picnik fun with this one. I love this pic mostly because of the 3 layers of fun. Riptide watches as a puppy engages Heidi while they ignore the kayakers in the background.

[Click on the shot, as with all mine, for the hi-res image]
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2 Responses to more picnik fun

  1. silentsurfur says:

    Hi there.. I did post on Beagle … anyway I will post it again … thank you for the visit and comment… have a good day..

  2. bermudabluez says:

    Don’t you just LOVE Picnik???? I spend hours over there!!! Great job on this one, Jen!

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