Pete and Muriel got themselves a brand new puppy Doberman, Bella, less than two weeks after their beloved Sera (another Dobie) passed away a few months ago. Now, P&M haven’t had a puppy in ages (Sera came to them as a trained adult), and they have quite a challenge in store for them.

Bella’s nickname is “No-No-Bad-Dog”. Let’s just say dogs have lost their balls and other toys to Bella often. And we really feel sorry for that lady doing yoga a few weeks ago that lost her mobile phone to the ocean after Bella picked it up and ran away with it.

Today, Bella had Roxy’s ball and wouldn’t give it back. Even with 7 humans chasing her (fun!), no luck. Enter new puppy retriever. What’s more interesting than a toy. Another puppy! Lucky Roxy.

Bella was too fast and furious for a photo opp today, but I did manage to catch the new pup and a couple of others.

[Bella was being chased by this one. She still had the ball in her mouth.]

[Enter puppy! Weeeeeeeeeeeeee! Though, I don’t believe this older Husky was as thrilled as Bella.]

[The one second new puppy was still.]
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3 Responses to no-no-bad-dog

  1. Too bad you couldn’t get a Bella photo…Dobie pups are too cute, all galloping legs! Lab pup is adorable too!Slobbers xx

  2. Jen says:

    i need to get better about linking back to earlier posts. i updated and added the link, but you can also see bella here:

  3. bermudabluez says:

    Puppies are such a riot to watch! And VERY full of energy….Chloe’s four now so I can’t even imagine starting all over again! Great shots!

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