reunited – and it feels so good…

Reunited, ’cause we understood. There’s one perfect fit. And sugar, this one is it. As Peaches & Herb sang many years ago, it’s a great feeling when soul mates come together. Dude, a Chesapeake Bay Retriever, is probably one of the 1st dogs we ever met at Dog Beach. Probably more than 3 years ago. He’s been MIA for almost a year due to shoulder surgery. Riptide and Dude love to play tug-o-war, so they both were happy as hell when they ran into each other this morning. Tempest had to join in, too.

[Who do you think wins?]

[Two very sweet Pit Bulls watch Dude and TempTide tug the Frisbee.]

[Man, many pups were enjoying the warm air, sunny skies and waves.]

[This Boxer and Husky were having way too much fun running around.]
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5 Responses to reunited – and it feels so good…

  1. Gennasus says:

    It all looks so lovely – blue skies, tempting sea and WARM! Can’t wait for summer. Love those boxer chops too

  2. Wow, fantastic photos and Dude- what a cool name!Slobbers xx

  3. Amber says:

    Wow, wish there was a dog beach close to me! It looks like soooo much fun!Kisses,Nala

  4. Travis says:

    Those are my pitbulls. Maple(Dark One) and Tip (light one)

  5. RockstarJen says:

    Hey Travis! I never knew Tip’s name all this time, which is just plain lazy. I’m glad you visited and updated me on Maple’s name, too. They are beautiful dogs. See you at the beach!

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