but who’s keanu reeves?

[The pup had one of the shiniest coats I’ve seen. I think only Jenna‘s can beat it.]

[And the water was even shinier! Check out the reflections of the tower & the heron.]

[TempTide does their best The Matrix impression.]
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7 Responses to but who’s keanu reeves?

  1. Gennasus says:

    Thanks for your Jana comment, she certainly does gleam, especially in the sunshine. Your Frenchies are just the funniest….love that shot. Just one thing, better not tell Keanu Reeves that he is getting compared to a stocky little dog with big ears and a squashed face! (Unless he’s a dog lover)

  2. Kimberly says:

    Cuuuuuuuute picture of your dogs :)the beach looked nice – Love reflections…. have a great day girl!!

  3. Diego Dog says:

    Hi…Just reading your blog and wanted to suggest if you are looking for a camera check out the Sony DSC W170. I also use a big Canon and when I looked for a portable I found this camera a great choice. 10mp also.

  4. Wow….the second shot is very cool….and that last one…hahaha!Oooh, colour-coded wheels…i’m a little jealous ;DSlobbers xx

  5. Kimberly says:

    Hi Jen – was lookin @ the blog today and there’s hasn’t been anything in a few days… Hope you and the doggies are doing well. I will be @ dog beach tomomrrow morning – I’d like to meet you think that would be fun :).Cant wait for more of your great pictures!!! 🙂

  6. RockstarJen says:

    Sorry everyone. Was at the beach Wed, but sans camera, and I didn’t go over yesterday. I did, however, go this AM with the camera. Pics coming in a bit.

  7. Honey says:

    Hi! Great site!Super beach. We are not close at all, but would love to visit if we are headed that way!Cheers, Honeywww.supertrooperhoney.blogspot.comSF Bay Area

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