a little fun with picnik effects

I use Picnik to touch up shots when they need it, but I haven’t play with the effects too often. Today, I decided to have some fun.

Riptide meets the one person who likes to be licked as much as Riptide likes to dish it out.

Puppy Chloe was holding her own against the ‘Frenchies of Fury’
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6 Responses to a little fun with picnik effects

  1. Kimberly says:

    that’s really cool : ) I love pictures w/kids and dogs… they are always adorable… 🙂

  2. Jilly says:

    What fun! Just discovered your blog via your comment on Twin Cities Photoblog. I have two City Photoblogs too. I also have a blog called Riviera Dogs, so we do much the same! We have three dog beaches in Menton, not as fab as yours as they have stones. Love the idea of a Dog Beach blog. Bravo. The effect you used today makes those three dogs look as if they are painted. Are the French Bulldogs yours? http://riviera-dogs.blogspot.com

  3. RockstarJen says:

    Thanks for visiting Jilly. Yep, the Frenchies are mine. Always something to laugh at. 😉

  4. Oh, it’s been TOO LONG since I was last here….sorry! I’d almost forgotten what gorgeous photos you take (trying to play catch-up- as usual!)I love that top shot and the effect on it is really cool :DHope you’re all fine!Slobbers xx

  5. Kimberly says:

    JEN WHERE ARE YOU? wE NEED more PICTURES of your doggies 🙂 … Bell is a big fan of your blog 🙂 hahaha!

  6. RockstarJen says:

    Sorry Kimberly! Work has been crazy, and I fell asleep last night before posting. I promise I’ll have some pics up later today.-Jen

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