iphone friday #4 [picnik edition]

It’s Friday, so I took the iPhone instead of the Canon today. People legs invade both shots, and they (the shots, not the legs) weren’t terribly exciting. Enter Picnik and its fun effects…

Riptide defends his toy (um… I think Ozzy might disagree, since he brings it with him each time) from Ozzy and Tux.

Chaya, the Rhodesian Ridgeback, in what is called Orton style.
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3 Responses to iphone friday #4 [picnik edition]

  1. Gennasus says:

    That first one is making me dizzy!

  2. Kimberly says:

    did you get to the beach yesterday Jen? I went w/Bell in the morning we were lucky enough to see Bells favorite playdog again Bernard. Pix later – HAPPY DOGGY MOTHERS DAY :)… HAVE A GREAT ONE! WOOFS AND STUFFBELL SAYS HI FIVE – EVEN THOUGH SHE DONT KNOW WTF THAT MEANS bol

  3. RockstarJen says:

    I did get there. Posting pics now. We missed you again!

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