temptide meets bell

It was a wonderful day at Dog Beach yesterday. TempTide had the pleasure of meeting Bell from Awesome Dogs @ OB Dog Beach for the first time. Which also meant I got to meet fellow dog lover, shutterbug and blogger Kimberly.

Since it was such a special occasion, I felt the pics needed frames. 🙂

TempTide welcome Kimberly and Bell to Dog Beach the only way they know how. Tempest with caution, and Riptide all up in your grill.

Tempest and Bell were having some fun here and there, but Tempest shunned Bell to her corner a couple of times.

Per usual, Riptide stole Bell’s ball and wanted nothing but playtime. The more the merrier.
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5 Responses to temptide meets bell

  1. bermudabluez says:

    Good for you, Jen….finally getting to meet a fellow blogger! And good for the pups too! Looks like they had a great time!

  2. Yippee, you got to meet a blog buddy…..it’s the coolest – and weirdest thing isn’t it? We got to meet one last week, v.surreal!Hope you’re well :DSlobbers xx

  3. Checkers says:

    so glad you and belle got together – i’m sure she enjoyed it too

  4. Kimberly says:

    Awww- THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR TAKING THOSE PICTURES 🙂 .. it was very cool finally meeting you and TEMPTIDE. They are the cutest doggies ever. I think I will try to come down earlier from now on to the beach – I like it much better than the clutter later in the afternoon.. HAVE A GREAT DAY!KIMBERLY & BELL

  5. I love that you got to meet Bell!!!Kimberly and Bell actually stubbled upon my blog a few weeks ago and I found your blog thru her list of followers – isn't it funny how the blogging world works??I love all your pictures and captions. Temptide are adorable.

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