size matters

Molly is my new favorite pup. She’s the first in ages to compel me to pick her up the second I laid eyes on her. How adorable is she?! Her big brother is Albie. [Yes, I know. What a surprise. Riptide’s in the shot.]

Don’t know this guy’s name, but he is a beautiful Mastiff. Quite the gentle giant, but it was amusing to see the reaction of some of the little dogs when he’d come up for a sniff.
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3 Responses to size matters

  1. great shots!I caught a photo of that big Mastiff too. I also got THE BEST picture of Tempest… lookin' like, "dont even think about it".. lol it's great.. i'm trying to post it soon!

  2. Dogman2 says:

    That look like one tough crowd on that beach….Where's all the little guys…Woof..Woof

  3. Gennasus says:

    There is something so very appealing about bulldog pups. No wonder you couldn't resist a cuddle.

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