where the wild things are

This post was titled in homage to one of my favorite childhood books being released as a movie next week. Enjoy some fierce (looking) dogs rough housing with some serious surf as a backdrop.

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5 Responses to where the wild things are

  1. zebjao says:

    cute dogs…nice pictures…:)

  2. Chester says:

    That is a great picture. Chester would love to be in that mix.Chester's Mom ;0=)

  3. bermudabluez says:

    What fun! Great pics!! I'll have to check out the movie! Hope all's well, Jen!

  4. Bess says:

    Gorgeous photos. My guys love the beach, but we often have to deal with ummm upset guts after they've swallowed gallons of salt water! LOL. We always make sure we go for a walk before we put them back in the car.

  5. Those pups are having fun!!!!!!Alex Curtis in San Diego

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