palindrome pup shots

So, yesterday’s date is a palindrome (01022010). These pics were shot yesterday. And what else is a palindrome? The word “kayak.” So pics of a PUP (did you see what I did there? 😉 or two with a kayak on January 02, 2010. =8)

Note: The kind folks at Sony let me borrow one of their DSLRs, an A380, for a few weeks, so these shots – as well as many more to come – are from the new camera. I’ll do a little review of how the A380 holds up to my 5-year old Canon Rebel XT at the end of the month.

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5 Responses to palindrome pup shots

  1. JackDaddy says:

    The water looks great. Isn't it cold this time of year?

  2. Hey JackDaddy! It is usually cool this time of year, but the water and air are crazy warm right now.

  3. bermudabluez says:

    I love that top pic so much that it is now gracing my computer background!! What I would GIVE for a glimpse of a palm tree right now! It has been in the negatives temperature wise….I do not like it! I could use some "crazy warm" air right now!! Happy New Year Jen!! And hey….how did you get those nice folks at Sony to let you "use" their camera????

  4. Great quality pictures, beautifully rich colours! That camera is very good.

  5. Thanks guys. Hoping to get out there with the camera again tomorrow AM. Nice and early, to catch the gorgeous sunrises we've been having.

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