anything but dog beach

The wind was a little too much for the camera this morning, and we’ve had some rain the past few days. For something different, I went through and picked out some favorite early morning shots from earlier this week. Not one of them has a dog in it.

We’ve seen some super low tides lately. These two surfers had a bit of a walk.

Pelicans as the sun slowly made its way up above the horizon.

A couple more pelicans.

The moon barely visible at low tide.
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3 Responses to anything but dog beach

  1. Ria says:

    More lovely pictures, Jennifer!We've had lots of rain and wind since the snow has left and i can't get my camera out much, either!X

  2. lovely pictures!! We went to the beach Sunday night, when it was dark and there was a walk to get to the water!

  3. Natalie – Every time I hear about a nighttime walk on the beach from you, I get a little jealous. We only did that once, and I really enjoyed it. Have to try it again soon!

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