Hey! I’m a retriever, too!

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7 Responses to gimme

  1. Now that is a very good day for a Golden. Mine won't fetch but she carries her own leash around so we call her a Golden Carrier.

  2. JackDaddy says:

    Two's company, three's more fun!

  3. The Pet Wiki says:

    So cute! There's a great video of a dog beach at They all look like they are having loads of fun!

  4. bichonpawz says:

    What a great capture!!! They are having a blast!

  5. matt says:

    i wish my pup would go in the water ha…he always waits till my friends dog gets the toy and then steals it. GREAT pictures!!check my dog motley out at

  6. Linda P says:

    love your site, puts a big smile on face seeing them all play and looking so happy! thanks for sharing.

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