chowing down on surf

You don't see Chows at the beach all that often, let alone in the water. This was one of four visiting. Their owners must love bathing and brushing them!

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7 Responses to chowing down on surf

  1. swedishfish says:

    Wow, how cute! I should bring my Shar-Pei sometime. He’s not too certain about water but I think he would have fun!

  2. rockstarjen says:

    yes, you should, jen! we see shar-peis often at the beach. he’d have a blast.

  3. Wow! Scary but … fabulous pic!!!

  4. JacksDad says:

    Oh my! I can’t imagine all those tangles!!

  5. Bubbles says:

    Ahh! Cute! It was probably a warm day for the dog to willingly go near the water.

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