at rest? or full throttle?

Which one is your favorite?

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16 Responses to at rest? or full throttle?

  1. Greg says:

    Ha! I like the dog running around! Looks like he had so much fun!!

  2. So hard to choose! I love them both, but a full throttle shot is harder to capture, so I vote for that one.

  3. Full throttle definitely!

  4. Sofia says:

    That running photo is so happy and fun so I vote that one!

  5. Alisha Singh says:

    Amazing Pics. I like your dog…he is so adorable……..Hahahaha ‘Dog with a attitude’

  6. found you on blog catalog. Beautiful pictures, congrats. Would love to know what you shoot with.

  7. rockstarjen says:

    Thanks, Bill and Alisha. I usually take my Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT, and some shots are from my iPhone. Some of the more “dreamy” looking ones are due to some fun play with Picnik.

    • oh I see, I just got into dog photography, well photography in general but I mostly take pics of my dogs. Would love to add you to my blogroll, your pictures are too awesome. If thats ok with you?

      • rockstarjen says:

        Of course, Bill! Your and you sister’s dogs are beautiful. Glad to see you guys are out having a good time with them. And your latest post on your blog hits close to home. Pick up after yourselves, people! I wrote something similar on this blog back when I was writing more (focusing on photos now).

  8. VJ says:

    I love the first picture. The colours are so vivid and the dog’s coat just looks amazing. Great pictures !

  9. Gunnar says:

    They are all cute, but I will have to go with orange I cute.

  10. iowadogblog says:

    I love full throttle–he’s even kicking up sand! It just captures that boundless joy that dogs can access so easily.

  11. marc says:

    I love the reflection of the dog on the water. Watch how the tranquil waters contrast with the dog’s ruffled hairs 🙂

    On the other hand, “full throttle” reveals fun and boundless energy unleashed.

  12. madrilicious says:

    hey that’s a very nice idea, life trough the eyes of a dog. I like the two dogs playing with the ball, very funny.

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